I am a qualified counsellor so I provide confidential therapeutic services to clients. I am also available for talks and workshops, click here to contact me.

The first session

Our first session is when we will look at what you are experiencing, what helps, what hinders, what has triggered your experience.  Most importantly we will look at what you want to improve.  

Your programme

We use tools and interventions that align with your values, objectives and goals. Common topics that I work with include; trauma, loss, relationship difficulties, self-worth, resolving childhood wounds, letting go of control, balancing work and life, and facing fears.

I offer a range of different therapies, including; Interactive Drawing Therapy, Relationship Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR).

EMDR is an amazing therapy to work through old wounds or traumas so that these memories no longer inhibit you in your daily living. Essentially this reprocessing therapy, helps you to not be emotionally or physically triggered anymore - sometimes we don't even know this happens to us, so it's great awareness building too! We would talk about your suitability for this therapy.

Drawing Therapy is amazing as well. It's very gentle and works at your own pace. You don't need to be good at drawing, and I don't sit there analysing! It's about you just going with the flow, helped along with some prompts by me, in order to access your lesser consciousness to process problems that you're experiencing.


My fees are $110 per/hour plus GST. Couples sessions are usually 90 minutes. 

I am registered for ACC sensitive claims. You may be entitled to a WINZ subsidy if you meet WINZ criteria for a Disability Allowance (counselling).


Mybestme provides counselling services in Paraparaumu at the Kāpiti EMDR and Therapy Centre.

Days and times

Mybestme provides a face-to-face appointments every day (except Friday) between 8.30 and 3pm. 


Unfortunately I am fully booked at the moment. I have a waitlist for referrals/ recommendations only. If you've been referred, feel free to contact me.

You can submit the contact form, email me on or phone or text me on 0226508534. 

I try my best to return messages within 24 hours. If you need urgent help, click here.


 "Emma has patiently helped teach me new strategies to cope - and provided practical guidance along the way. She understands how hard post-natal depression can be and helps you build a variety of toolkits to recover... I feel so grateful to have found such a wise and compassionate guide (Sarah)