About me - Emma Heaney-Yeatts 

Bachelor of Arts (hons) in Education and Art History, Bachelor of Counselling, MNZAC

I have nine years experience as a Counsellor. I love working with women, parents, and parents-to-be. It's such a huge change-time that often brings up old stuff that suddenly needs to be resolved. I see this as an awesome opportunity (although hard at the time) to find yourself and to work on these old wounds. I have been in private practice for three years, and until recently I was the Counselling Service Director at Post and Antenatal Distress Support Wellington Inc (PND Wellington), now Little Shadow Inc.  I reluctantly left PND Wellington to focus on private practice after being there seven years, but I was satisfied with the work I had done to establish and expand the counselling service.

My training

Upon the foundation of my Counselling degree I have trained in Eye Movement Desensitisation Therapy (EMDR) to masterclass level, Advanced level Interactive Drawing Therapy, and I am a fully accredited IMAGO Relationships Therapist.

My experience with PND and how I became a counsellor

Before I retrained as a Counsellor I worked in government. I've always had a passion for working with women, so I spent seven years working at the Ministry of Women's Affairs as a Policy Analyst. I learned a lot about historical and current issues facing New Zealand women today, for example barriers and inequities in work and education, and the enormous costs of violence towards women - but not a lot about the impacts of becoming a mother. 

It wasn't until I had my own children that I learned that becoming a parent has impacts on every level - physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and situationally. After experiencing distress with my second child, which brought a number of challenges due to his reflux and undiagnosed allergies, I realised that others must also struggle with adapting to the challenges involved in parenting. I decided to pursue a lingering desire to finish my study as a Counsellor - specialising in women's well-being.

I provide personalised Counselling services to clients wanting to be empowered to just be. You may or may not be a parent or a parent-to-be, if you want someone with you as you embark on this journey full of ups and downs, then click here to contact me. 

 About mybestme

Several years ago I mustered up the courage to start my own counselling practice. One of the first steps was coming up with a suitable and palatable name...

The name of mybestme was born one afternoon driving home from school pick-up. I'd been pondering different names over several months, and I had asked some clients what they thought too. One client asked me 'What is at the heart of what you really do with your clients?'. I'd been reflecting on this and it came to me that day after school...

Being your best you

I used to find school pick-ups quite overwhelming with the scurrying of parents and children all at once, and trying to acknowledge people you are getting to know, whilst trying to keep one eye on one child and searching for the other. I never felt I got it quite right! That day I reflected on this and I decided I didn't have to feel insecure anymore. I wanted to feel good enough from within (even with the parts of me that are still work-in-progress). Then it came to me...I am allowed to be my best me - my best version of myself.

My best me includes the parts of me I'm proud of and the parts of me I continue to work on - and that's good enough for me. To me this is empowerment. If this is something you want too - then perhaps we can work together to help you just be too.